Traveling Words

Rylee Owens

Traveling Words:

Rylee began playing the guitar and singing sometime around 2007.  Though she dabbled in writing music through those early music years, it wasn't until recently that she realized music was an outlet for her to tell stories and share some of the raw experiences she’d been blessed to live through thus far in her life. 

Music runs deep for Rylee. She feels that lyrics and tunes bring out some of our most creative thoughts and help connect us to God, nature and each other. 

Traveling Words E. P. is a seven song album full of the overflowing joy that comes from being outside and worshiping Jesus in all the things He's given us on this earth. A few of the songs are about life’s hardships that you encounter along the way and the realities of human nature.  But in each song there is also a message that comes from the pure adventure of endeavoring to live life to the fullest. 

“I named my first album Traveling Words because that's what it is... words, emotions, doubts, thoughts and all of the in between - all while traveling and experiencing life with people and nature. These songs are a part of me and I hope they will bring you joy and maybe even inspire your own questions or thoughts about the meaning of life. I want to thank everyone who has helped me get to this point; a place that has been a dream for so long - now it's a reality!”

Much Love, Rylee

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